Aquatic Therapy for Dogs

dog aqua therapy

Aquatic Therapy for Dogs

Hydrotherapy has been proven effective. The water buoyancy decreases excessive force on the joints and provides resistance throughout the range of motion and provides the ability to strengthen the patients muscles. The temperature in our hydro-treadmill stays between 80-86 F. The warm water assists in pain reduction, increases blood flow and circulation, and helps with the elasticity of soft tissue. The water height is easily adjustable and is regulated to accommodate different sized animals and their specific needs. The main benefit of using the hydro-treadmill is the ability to adjust the setting to each patients individual needs.

Some benefits of the hydro-treadmill include:

  • improves recovery time post-surgically
  • strengthens muscles
  • weight loss- conditioning

Underwater Treadmill

  • unique properties of water make it an ideal treatment choice to incorporate into standard protocols
  • submerging a patient into a warm water bath provides rapid, effective heat transfer to many joints and muscle groups
  • provides support by means of buoyancy and reduces Weight bearing on joints and surgical repairs
  • water provides resistance for conditioning during underwater treadmill walking
  • most patients are more likely to use an affected limb when standing or walking underwater and an increase in Weightbearing on land is often observed after just one session of underwater treadmill walking
  • underwater treadmill exercise provides early return to normal function and provides an energy outlet for patients who are otherwise restricted