Animal Rehabilitation Centre Testimonials

Animal Rehabilitation Centre Testimonial 1: Hi Tracy, Just wanted to follow up to tell you that the dog animal rehabilitation centre harness arrived and we love it.  It has really been a lifesaver for us and our 14 year old golden retriever/collie x, Jasper.  He fell a couple of weeks ago, injuring his leg and was unable to walk more than a few steps at a time.   Not only was it very helpful to my sore back but it seemed to give him some confidence that he could move around.  Stairs  have been the real issue for us. He has been recovering well and now just needs a little lift from the back on the top stair and he’s good to go.  It may sound odd but I believe that it has given him his dignity back.  He seemed very uncomfortable with assistance from us but with the harness he thinks he is doing much of it himself. It’s a great product and will recommend it to our friends with pets. As well as the Animal Rehabilitation Centre.
– Judith

Animal Rehabilitation Centre Testimonial 2: Hi Tracy, Thank you for taking such great care of Morgan for us at the animal rehabilitation centre. This was a very difficult time for us. Seeing Morgan going down the way she did broke all our hearts. We were sure that we were going to lose her. I was so happy when I first saw her with you that Saturday. She was up moving for the first time since the accident. You seam to care for Morgan the same way we would have cared for her and we could not have asked for more. We hope to never need to see you again, but if we do we know that she will be in good hands. Thank you.
– Phil B

Animal Rehabilitation Centre Testimonial 3: Thank you for helping us navigate Oliver’s course of rehab, which wasn’t quite according to plan!
We are so grateful for your visits while Olly was in the hospital and your ongoing support. We’ll see you in the New Year for some great workouts in the tank.
– Rob, Emily, and Oliver

Animal Rehabilitation Centre Testimonial 4: Tom, Erin and I, and Pepper of course, want to thank you for all your efforts to get Pepper back on her paws. Without your hard work, persistence and support, Pepper wouldn’t have done so well and kept her spirits up the way she has. This support was invaluable to her family’s spirits as well. She will miss you, but we will come back, only for a visit we hope. Good luck with the future endeavours of the Rehab Clinic. We provide an invaluable service, which is top notch. Sincerely,
– Pepper, Tom, Hilary, and Erin

Animal Rehabilitation Centre Testimonial 5: Thank you so much for taking such great care of Pumpkin. I know she appreciated all your efforts, even if it was hard to tell. A lot of her improvement was due to your efforts. Again, thanks.
– Dyann and Peter

Animal Rehabilitation Centre Testimonial 6: Thanks for all your help, love and support.
– Guinness

Animal Rehabilitation Centre Testimonial 7: Thank you for helping our family, especially Jazzmine, so much. You have been extremely professional and at the same time, you’ve helped us emotionally cope with Jazzmine’s recovery.
You are a very special person.Thank you
– The Sutwak Family

Animal Rehabilitation Centre Testimonial 8: Your kindness, support, and expertise have been and amazing help to our family. Danielle, Natasha, Mony, and I are so grateful to everyone in ARC for your part in helping Armoni during his recovery. He is doing amazingly well, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. God Bless from,
– The Amrin Family

Animal Rehabilitation Centre Testimonial 9: Words can’t express how grateful we all are to you! Your dedication, commitment, and support at any time of day are priceless. Come to the farm to see Lucy frolic! Sincerely,
– Romi and Mark

Animal Rehabilitation Centre Testimonial 10: This may have been a long time in coming, but the sentiments are just as strong. Thank you so much for all your careful care with Phoebe. She has resumed running and chasing squirrels with a vengeance. You are wonderful at what you do, and have the heart to back it.
– Jody Markow, and Phoebe

Animal Rehabilitation Centre Testimonial 11: A quick note to thank you both for your commitment to Dickens’ rehabilitation. When I first saw him post surgery, my heart broke. I wondered if he would ever regain his smile. He is, as you know, nearly back to full function and it is so heart warming to see him playing with Brie again and grinning from ear to ear!
You are very special young women and to watch you in action as you encourage, empathize with, and challenge your patients is a treat. Thank you so much, you do a superb job.
– Willa, Dickens, and Brie

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